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Hi I'm Claire,

Director of romance. Proposal coordinator and event stylist.


Meet the team


Professional musician. Expert “puller of heart strings.” Her voice is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. 


Summary of profession:


“I started performing when I was 5 and haven’t stopped since! I’ve had the opportunity to perform in the VIP rooms for artists such as Michael Buble, Adele and Hugh Jackman. You’ll often see me on the wedding and corporate circuit performing with the Limited Edition Band. If I’m not performing I’m writing music for films, advertising or musicals.”


Specialises in:


Main instruments guitar, piano and vocals.

Writing music - particularly ballads for special occasions.


Loves proposals bc:


“I love being part of such a special surprise! I love the joy that comes with being part of someones significant milestone and seeing the happiness a little bit of music can bring to a tender and personal moment. Whether that be performing the couples favourite song, or writing a personalised song for that moment.”


Our debonair violinist. Always smiling and impeccably dressed, he could have perused a career modelling tailored suits. But thankfully for us, he instead chose a more musical path, setting the romantic mood for our proposals.


Tell us about your music:


The Violin is such a versatile instrument so I enjoy performing both classical and contemporary covers. I perform as a soloist but also in a string duo, trio or quartet. For proposals, we find that a solo or duo (guitar or cello) is most popular. 


When did your music business start?


We started performing at the Conservatorium of Music in 2010.


What do you love about Proposals?


We love playing at Proposals as they are so intimate and there is such a sense of excitement. Live music can really set the right tone and atmosphere.


Our fireworks aficionado. The man responsible for bringing the extra BLING to our proposals!


Started his business:



Specialises in:

Indoor/outdoor fireworks, sparklers and other type of special effects


Loves proposals bc:

They are “always a surprise, nerve racking and satisfying”.


There are photographers..... Then there is Stephen. The quality of his work is second to none, as is his passion for capturing beautiful memories.


Summary of profession

With over 20 years experience shooting people, places, products and everything in between, Stephen brings experience, quality and understanding to every shoot.


In recent years, Stephen has become experienced in engagement proposals where his personal skills and professionalism have become an asset to the team.


Tery has an eye for capturing a magical moment with every couple. You will be watching your video and reminiscing over your proposal memory for many years to come.


Tery started his own career as a cinematographer in 2011 and has since gained much experience creating wedding and proposal videos.


He has been invited to many places including Indonesia, Malaysia and New Zealand to capture memories for his clients.


Terys clients often love his work so much, they trust him to film their wedding and other family celebrations.

We help you make it special

We believe your marriage proposal be as unique as your bride-to-be. A sentimental and meaningful experience that will make her feel loved. A timeless story that can be told for years to come. We guarantee she will be swept away with the effort that you have made to ensure all her of her proposal dreams come true.


You have access to our intellectual property

We know exactly where the proposal "hotspots" are to save you hours searching the web. If you decide to work with us, we disclose all of our confidential information. You will also have access to all of our trusted service providers who have several years experience with proposals.

We are the dominators of proposal prestige

Self confessed perhaps…But we are certainly the most experienced. While our proposals might look pretty, you would be surprised what we do behind the scenes to ensure your event comes together flawlessly. Our years of experience trouble shooting is what makes Surprise Proposals second to none. 

We keep it on the down low

Your secret is safe with us, you won’t need to bribe her sister (or your mates) to help you set it up. Loved ones are notoriously bad at keeping a secret! She doesn't even have to know we were working behind the scenes. SHHHH your secret is safe with us!


We love to pull on a heart string

The personal touches we add to the engagement proposal could be in the form of framed photos and love notes, milestone chalkboards, signage, 100 glass jars filled with your photos or a personalised video slideshow to show her before you propose.


We are with you every step of the way

From the beginning where we collaborate with you to come up with the perfect being there on the day to set up, manage the event and pack away.


I believe a proposal should delight all the senses, make her smile, make her cry (tears of joy) and be a memory that forever lives in your hearts.


My style is elegant and sophisticated however I am partial to fun, whimsical touches that will bring a light-hearted touch to an otherwise serious occasion.


My journey Proposal Planning first began in 2013 when proposal planning wasn’t even heard of in Australia. A media frenzy ensued once my business was discovered and I was having to manage bookings from radio and TV as well as for my actual business.


Since then, I have been privileged to coordinate almost 1000 proposals from all over Australia. 


I continue to be surprised at the lengths romantic men will go to, to create magical, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their loved one. Intimate fine dining, private island escapes, flash mobs, picnics, sand sculptures by the sea.....Whatever my clients are imagining, I love helping make their dream a reality.

Why use Buy the Cow?

Why use

Why are our proposals are so affordable?


We understand that men have usually overspent on the ring and are saving for the wedding. For that reason, we pride ourselves on creating unique, personalised experiences, at a reasonable price. We will ALWAYS stick to your budget and let you know what is achievable within your parameters.


An international independent magazine article reported we charge as little as one third of what other planners are charging around the globe. Whilst other articles have praised our unique designs and our eye for styling the perfect proposal. We hope after you have viewed our portfolio, it is clear we offer the best value for money.


We do not market ourselves as “high end” although I am confident our proposals are no less luxurious than costly alternatives. You may be wondering how this is possible:


-My years of experience allow me to execute the most elaborate of proposals much more efficiently.


-I don’t have the overheads like most businesses, particularly with marketing as I do not advertise. Ever.  


-My job is my passion. I choose to make it affordable so I can help with as many love stories as possible.


-We have established relationships with service providers who offer quality service at affordable prices

Why affordable
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