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Need a little tip?

Make it udderly amazing .......

The first thing all of her girlfriends will ask is "how did he propose". This is the defining moment to whether the engagement proposal was a success. She should at the very least be excited to recount the experience. A better measure of success will be if she dances around in a makeshift toilet paper wedding gown!



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The important thing is to create a marriage proposal that suits you both


A quiet, reserved girl + traditional guy +small budget = a picnic at a place significant in your relationship down on bended knee (boys to men playing in back ground? LOL) champagne and her favourite chocolates each wrapped in promises of love.

An outgoing girl + funny guy + money no object= surprise party.  An upmarket soiree with friends and family dress up theme Flintstones. Throw in a boom shackalacka boom Flash mob. Best dressed wins Tiffany diamond. (Hopefully she will agree to go back to your cave without hitting her over the head).

Does she prefer moosic and dancing or snuggling in watching a mooovie?









Being proposed to will be one of the most important moments in her life. Before deciding on the how what and when’s of the proposal, first consider what best fits her personality.


Some girls embarrass easily and would rather your proposal is a quiet private affair. Some (but not many) would enjoy a big screen proposal at the footy grand final.

​Are you a cowmedian or more the traditional type? (knight sir loin)









The proposal has to be a moment that you will both enjoy. It is important you feel comfortable so she will feel at ease. Showcasing what she loves best about you will ensure you are in your element so you can both relax. 


Some guys would be at home performing a song and dance routine in front of hundreds of strangers, most would not. It's got to be right for you too.

If you like then you better put a ring on it
It is important that you have a ring for your special proposal. If your love hasn't already subtly (as a sledge hammer) pointed out her ring of choice, you can speak to her best friend or sister to find out what she would like. Make sure she can exchange or reset the ring if it's not entirely her style. Trust me, she will want SOMETHING to put on her finger at that special moment. 
Keep it on the down low....








Even if your partner suspects you will propose, she most likely doesn't know when or how. Avoid telling too many people, delete any links to web searches and ask service providers to schedule their phone calls to you. If you call us, make sure you delete our number! We never make unscheduled phone calls/text messages and we respect your privacy if you never want her to find out we helped.

Calves look sexy in heels









You're number one proirity is to spoil her. A pair of Jimmy Choo's, a pre-proposal massage or a mani to highlight her ring finger when she shows it off to friends.


For such a special occasion she will want to look her best. If you are planning a night out for the proposal, may we suggest you consider organising for her to have her hair and makeup done.

Felling a little cowardly









Understandably, proposing to the love of your life can be more daunting than jumping over the moon. When the stiff drink doesn't settle the nerves, remember this, women think it's sexy when a man is nervous, especially in this setting. It is proof that you care and really want her to say yes.

Will she say yes?
Obviously we cannot predict your success, however we can help you with practical ways of popping the question, especially if you're unsure of the outcome. A build up of events leading up to the proposal will give her a clue about what is about to happen, you will save yourself heart ache if she realises before the big moment. If on the other hand you are confident that you will get the thumbs up, then throw all caution to the wind and get a bit crazy, keeping her guessing and surprising her with what you have planned.
Budget tip
Get our your cowculator and decide on your budget. Whatever you do, stick to it! Women are responsible for running up ridiculously huge credit card bills. Don't presume to take our jobs away from us. Most women crave sentiment over dollar value. But having said that.... one of the most romantic proposals I have heard of was a man sold his car to pay for the proposal. Now I'm not suggesting you go to that extreme but a little personal sacrifice will go along way. Time, effort, hire an event planner ... (just saying)... will all look good on your resume.
Embrace tradition









While most men have lost the art of opening car doors for their ladies.... There are some traditions that live on. Getting her fathers permission will show upmost respect for not only your bride to be, but her family as well.


Furthermore, getting down on bended knee is not only for tying shoe laces! According to Mens Health magazine 76% of women believe men should propose on one knee. And Im sure the remaining percentage wouldn't mind if you did!

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