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​Dear ladies before you feel too sour…

Ok ok before you take offence to the analogy of "buying a cow" aka marriage proposal let me first say this. I love cows and I love love. As an animal loving vegan, I trade style for conscience, cruising the tofu section of Coles in wellies or Chuck Norris all stars. Contrary to Bart Simpson's theory I believe you can make friends with salad. And so Buy The Cow seemed the perfect fit for a proposal planning company. I am by no means suggesting you are a bovine, skinny, fat, silly or otherwise. I simply wanted to get your man's attention. If I succeed, everyone is a winner! If your man is visiting this site he has realised there are no greener pastures, you are the one and only. The love of his life. He is committed to making your proposal as special as possible. 

If your man needs a little nudge in the right direction

If he hasn’t found us yet and you think he could use a little help (a “gentle prodding”) so to speak, we can drop a hint for you. All you need to do is fill in the form below, with his contact details in the comments section (facebook & email are best). Don’t worry, we wont “bully” him into anything, we will simply make ourselves known should he decide he needs a helping hoof! He'll never know the hint came from you!

What the ladies are saying 

ladies feedback

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The wonderful Claire helped my fiancé plan his proposal on Valentine's Day! It was the perfect day, no detail forgotten. Romantic to the most exquisite level. Thank you Buy the Cow for such a special and unforgettable engagement. Xx

Melissa K

Hi Claire it's phoebe from friday nights proposal. Thanks again for all you did we absolutely LOVED it and will remember it forever!


Claire thank you so much for all the support you gave Ben Chaffey in organising such a wonderful moment in our lives. The set up captured all of who we are and made the proposal all that more special. This will forever be a beautiful memory for us both. Thank you, thank you thank you


Buy The Cow organised our 50th wedding anniversary for us. We told them we wanted a fun, light-hearted event and boy did they deliver. The decorations and props they chose for us were perfect, the beer coloured glasses (to fit in with the "gold" theme) had us oldies in hysterics! The Austin Powers Gold Member posters with our faces photo shopped on the actors was delightful. The catering was superb and the night was definitely a "highlight of our twilight"


CLAIRE....YOU are amazing. Thank you for all your extraordinary effort and creative spark behind this event. Anyone looking to propose or create an awesome event, CLAIRE is amazing, x


I love my fiancé to bits, however the moment he first proposed left a lot to be desired....Without going into too much detail, it wasn't exactly a story that I could "tell the grand kids" about. I saw an ad for Buy The Cow and contacted them right away to see if they could help. Using their "drop a subtle hint" service, they contacted my partner and organised a "do over". It was magical. Everything I could ask for and more. Thanks Buy The Cow! I now have a proposal story I would be proud to share with the world.


Thank you so much for organising everything. It really was extremely special and is a night that we will never forget. Thanks again for going above and beyond for us.


I was totally overwhelmed by the surprise anniversary gift my husband and buy the cow had organised. I thought I was just getting chocolates! Claire did a fantastic job creating a romantic atmosphere and helped my husband to put together a wonderful afternoon complete with flowers, decorations, sweet notes about our 6 years together, some wine, dinner and even babysitting! I would recommend buy the cow to anyone wanting to put the perfect event with their loved one together.


Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. It was so lovely to be surprsed by Ben. With a little love and a whole lot of expert help my birthday will be one I will remember forever.

Melissa M

A beautiful TOP secret date, masked by a new proposal, overlooking the ocean. Love of my Life xx a HUGE thank you to the Event manager Buy The Cow Proposal Planners


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